about the breakfast

The Westchester Leadership Prayer Breakfast offers a quiet way to reaffirm faith in God and encourage prayer for our leadership.  Participants are encouraged to carry out the first and greatest commandment “to love God first,” and “to love your neighbor as yourself.”  This is accomplished by seeking to adhere to the teachings and precepts of Jesus.

Committee Members

Leonie Douglas

2021 Committee
Nick Basile
Jim Daniels
Barbara Diehl, Esq.
Leonie Douglas
Dr. Robert Hendrickson
Joseph Kenner
George Oros, Esq.
Dr. Arthur K. Robertson
Christopher Steers
Jae Yang


From the founding of our country to modern times, America’s leaders have sought strength and guidance from Almighty God. In quiet times as well as in crisis, our leaders have acknowledged the importance and effect of prayer in their lives.

In this spirit, breakfast groups in the United States Senate and House of Representatives meet weekly to deepen friendships, counsel together and pray.

In 1953, President Dwight D. Eisenhower inaugurated a National Prayer Breakfast to encourage America’s leaders to affirm their faith, to seek the Lord’s guidance and strength, and to commit to prayer for each other and the country.


In 1981 Art and Linda Robertson attended the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, D.C.  Inspired by the event and encouraged that the U.S. Congress sponsored the affair, they asked what they could do to help.  They were told to call the then Westchester County Executive Andrew O’Rourke and ask if he would attend a leadership Prayer Breakfast similar to the National Prayer Breakfast.  O’Rourke agreed and the first Westchester County Leadership Prayer Breakfast was born.

Modeled after the National Prayer breakfast held each year in Washington DC, the Westchester County Leadership Prayer Breakfast (WCLPB) is affiliated with The Fellowship Foundation, also known as the International Foundation. Both The International Foundation and the WCLPB are non-profit organizations.

Former Committee  Members

Frank and Rosemarie Blot
Hon. Lois Bronz
Davy Chu
Hon. Joseph Delfino
Hon. Richard Doranco
Hon. Thomas Facelle
Stephaney Hull
Janet Kendall
Steven Kopke
Hon. Andrew O’Rourke
Dr. Don Osgood
Daniel Preston
Leonard A. Schneider
Florence Smith
Larry and Stella Zopes